Solar Panel Resources & Help

We buy only from a list of the most reliable panels tested by an independent international lab like PVEL. They will not be the cheapest in either quality or price, but you can rest knowing your investment will last through its warranty, typically 25 years and quite likely beyond.

We recommend starting with the California Energy Commission (CEC) panel list.

Other important considerations we use:

  • How committed is the company to the U.S. market: Does the company have a long presence in the United States?
  • Do they have an established headquarters and in-country warehouses?
  • Have they taken the trouble to have their hardware independently tested and listed by the California Energy Commission (CEC)?
  • Are they easy to reach and communicate with?
  • What percentage of power degradation is allowed under their warrantee (usually about 0.5%/year)?
  • Is the panel’s wattage output rated with a -0 /+ 5%? And is it in general agreement with those tests by the CEC?

Additional Resources