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Enphase Envoy IQ Series (now renamed “Gateway”)

Enphase Envoy monitors give you a cell phone or computer picture of every panel in your array. It allows you to see what each panel/microinverter pair generates in 15-minute increments throughout the day. You can see, for example: that shrubbery is shading that particular panel or if you might want to sweep snow from the panel. It’s fun to see your generation from one season to another or year to year. Be patient. There is some mild programming to do.

The Envoy/Gateway monitors aren’t cheap, and they are not essential. Once power is turned on through the last breaker in your panel, your inverters will recognize that they are connected to the grid without one. Wait for five minutes to make sure it is connected to a stable grid, and start generating. Without a monitor, you will have to trust that your utility is subtracting the correct amount of credit for excess power sent back to them.

Programming the Envoy will seem confusing, but we can help program your system remotely. It communicates with each of your microinverters through your power lines.

Note: Enphase has now relabeled the “Envoy” as the “Gateway.”

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