Resources & Help on Frames for Attaching Your Solar Panels

Roof-Mounted Arrays

For roof-mounted arrays, we recommend Ironridge flush mount systems.

There is hardware for every type of roofing. Old houses have rafters spaced every 16″ and newer ones at 24″. Solar frames require anchors to these rafters, and the distance between anchors for the rails we use is 8 ft (96 inches), so screws are likely to hit a rafter every 4ft or 8ft.

We often see asphalt shingles, and FlashFoot is the most certain style to assure a leak-proof attachment. The system may cost $300 more, but these are cheap insurance on high-value buildings (cathedral ceilings).

On a metal roof, we often use a simple L-leg with a compatible roof sealant like Geocel and anchored with exterior SPAX 5/16″ x 3″ washer-head tech screws.

roof-mounted panel frame for attaching solar panels

Ground Mounted Arrays

For ground-mounted arrays, we recommend Ironridge ground mount systems.

Pipe is too heavy to ship across the country, so it is sourced locally. So IronRidge offers mechanical connectors engineered for ground-mount frames. Or you can use their technical drawings to develop your plans for a welded frame.

We may be able to help you find a supplier for your pipe. Our buyers often order premium 3.5O inch OD, used Sch 40 oil well pipe. It is hard to cut, so it is most convenient to order it cut and delivered in the lengths specified by IronRidge’s Design Assistant.