Solar Array Microinverters & AC Modules Resources & Help

The electronic marvel which turns direct current into household power is called an “inverter.” We use and recommend Enphase Energy microinverters.

Compelling Reasons

  • Each module has its own inverter, so shading only blocks production from that module, and they can face various directions, South still being the best
  • No work involving high voltage DC
  • Each panel has its own monitoring, so troubleshooting is much easier
  • Arrays are expandable in steps of one module
  • You don’t have to find matching module replacements in case one is broken
  • All connectors are touch-safe. All are plug and play, so any homeowner who is reasonably comfortable on a roof can safely install them. You can also install them on a ground rack.
  • Add reliability as there is no single point of failure
  • AC panels only differ in who bolts on the inverter, you or the manufacturer
solar array inverter on a rooftop