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1. Rack & Roof Jacks
2. Bolt on Micro Inverters
3. Plug & Play. Modern PV modules have male and female connectors so it would be an effort to get polarity wrong.
4. Bolt Down PV Modules
5. Complete Wiring:Cable to Disconnect & Disconnect to Breaker

System Monitoring

Nearly all microinverters and AC module manufacturers offer very similar web-based monitoring to the module level.
Other Micro Inverters & AC Module Mfg:
  • SMA
  • SolarBridge
  • GreenRay Solar
  • Exeltech
  • AOU
  • Enecsys
  • Andalay
  • Westinghouse

What does it take to do this on my house?

  1. Contact the city code department to find out what they need. Panels weigh about the same as another layer of shingles. So if you only have one layer your roof can probably support an array. Keep track of what is said and who said it. Most people in the code department support what we are doing and things can go smoothly. Usually it is a minor electrical permit ... $15.
  2. Contact your utility and fill out their application, the wiring diagram, and the fee they charge for interconnection. You want the "net metering" contract. With Westar you can get it on line.
  3. Panels are 64 1/2" long x 38 11/16" wide. They need 1/4" gap between panels for mounting and a gap of about 8 inches between rows. Figure how many panels can fit on your space.
  4. Some cities have other spacing requirements.
  5. In Manhattan, we have begun buying in bulk, splitting the cost and helping each other put the system up.

Homeowners can do their own electrical work, and with micro inverters, there are no live contacts until the final breaker is switched on. But we highly encourage you to hire a licensed electrician to run the wire back to your main panel.
Their labor is also included in the 30% Federal solar tax credit.

Flint Hills Renewable Energy & Efficiency Cooperative (www.