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Roof mount calculator from

Use Canadian Solar panels CS6P-255M and rails XR1000 to see how much space you need if you buy bulk from us.

     How we do it ...     

We desire cleaner energy, while thinking of the future of our children.

Welcome to the Flint Hills Renewable Energy & Efficiency Cooperative, Inc.

In the news ...
If Solar and Wind Hit 50% of Generation, US Wholesale Energy Prices Could Fall 25% or More

KCC to Consider Westar Rate Increases

FHREEC pamhflet for a download [corrected version June 2018].

In the news...

How rooftop solar is saving billions on energy bills for all consumers

Current FHREEC prices of the solar panel systems

downloadable HERE [pdf]

Spreadsheets for downloads:

Water Heaters.
Heat Pumps.
Battery Storage.

Micro Inverter Installation Demonstration